1. **TRACKLIST**

    01 First 0:00 [128 BPM]
    02 Oceans (Where Feet May Fall) [Running Mix] 4:46 [145 BPM]
    03 Lift Your Head Weary Sinners (Chains) 9:19 [125 BPM]
    04 Exhale 13:36 [125 BPM]
    05 Feel It 17:26 [125BPM]
    06 Holy Spirit 21:52 [135 BPM]
    07 Need You Now (How Many Times) 26:44 [135 BPM]
    08 You Carry Me 31:36 [125 BPM]
    09 How Can It Be 36:27 [133 BPM]
    10 Lord I’m Ready Now 40:52 [142 BPM]
    11 Whom Shall I Fear (God of Angel Armies) 45:33 [130 BPM]
    12 God Is on the Move 50:46 [ 126 BPM]
    13 10,000 Reasons (Bless the Lord) 55:24 [128 BPM]
    14 Jesus in Disguise 1:00:10 [128 BPM]
    15 I Need a Miracle 1:04:36 [128 BPM
    16 King of My Heart 1:09:51 125 BPM]
    17 Jesus Loves Me 1:13:38 132 BPM]
    18 This Is Amazing Grace 1:19:51 [130 BPM]
    19 Me Without You 1:22:19 [ 130 BPM]
    20 Greater 1:26:50 [130 BPM]
    21 I Lift My Hands 1:31:39 [136 BPM]
    22 Open up the Heavens 1:36:57 [128 BPM]
    23 You Make Me Brave 1:41:17 [138 BPM]
    24 Hope Will Lead Us On 1:46:20 [ 130 BPM]
    25 Touch the Sky 1:50:57 [125 BPM]
    26 Forgiveness 1:55:16 [128 BPM]
    27 Lead Me (Cardio Mix) 2:00:07 142 BPM]
    28 God’s Not Dead (Like a Lion) 2:05:09 [140 BPM]
    29 Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) 2:10:10 135 BPM

  2. Jesus freed all of us I did not buy with his precious blood when we came to him we did not do anything but he did something to us to the father we do not give him the glory and the honor and I thank him for my salvation and I take many years
    Serving you is my great treasure God bless you all

  3. God bless you very nice songs to exercise with a cute letter keep going that you will be testimony for many that they know that Christ liberty as I free you and will be a blessing for many blessings

  4. Enjoy the mix, and thank you for making it! But would you be willing to cut out some of the commercial breaks? It makes it hard to exercise to 🙂

  5. Thank You Father God for all the Glory all the Honor Thank you For Your Health and Your Healing Power thank you that You are the Lord our Healer Our Strength and our Comforter thank you for this Music to build Us Up so that we will not be torn down and stayed down we will arise and get Fit For Christ Jesus In the Mighty Name Of Jesus thank You Lord Jesus oh We Praise thee Lord Jesus Amen Amen Amen! Now Get Fit Become that Goal Setter and continue to Prosper!

  6. Yay I was looking for techno workout music and found some that had too much profanity. Then I thought there has to be Christian techno workout music and then I found this…worship and workout can't loss with that!

  7. Since January I have stopped listening all kind of worldly music and looking for great God praising music tp support my cardio workouts thank you for this great hard work to present this Godly music. raj kiran India

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