1. It worked wonderfully the first time. Went off for about 6 mos and gained some weight back. When I resumed phentermine it didn’t work as well, and not as much of a decreased appetite. Also it gave me some type of breathing issue, like I was a bit short of breath. A little scary..

  2. Phentermine / PhenObstein . They’re all the same thing basically. I took Phentermine three years ago and in one week I lost 6 pounds! I’m taking PhenObstein now and I’ve been on it for one day and I’ve lost 1.5 pounds. I had HELLA energy tho! I was up all night boxing and dancing lol

    Cons- THIRSTY, NAUSEOUS, DRY MOUTH.. nauseous nauseous nauseous!! I woke up sweating like crazy too.

  3. It’s probably not related to the exact information in the video, but how do you even approach a doctor about this? I know it’s a stimulant and I’m afraid to even approach it because they had me on Adderall a while back and removed me from it, for bull 💩 reasons.

    (Basically, I am diagnosed with both ADHD and Borderline and literally because of a trapping question, they asked if I drank before 21 and then marked me as highly likely to abuse. I found out later that she got in trouble for prescribing the drug to so many patients and they were looking for every reason they could to take people off the prescription.)

    Anywho… just curious how you even approached your doctor to bring this up as an option. Thank you for your time.

  4. Luckily my doctor started me on 15mg first. Down 7.5 lbs within 4 weeks which is healthy weight loss. Still felt hungry by 1pm and on a 1290 calorie diet with 3 spin classes a week. I will be working out more and just started 37.5 mg a day. I'll keep you posted of I see better results. Btw 5"2 started at 170lbs which for short people every pound counts. Grew up eating anything in wanted. Then went on the pill and got married and went from 105 to 200. Got divorced focused and lost 40 lbs. Sadly work had me relocate down south and even though off the pill (non hormonal IUD thank you lord) and keto diet I hit a plateau. Thank you to thrive Wellness for the correct diet program with phentermine. Hope I reach 130 for when I'm in Vegas the week of my birthday in may. Btw I finally tried on a two piece bathing suit and already seeing upper ab definition.

  5. In a few days I will be on this as well as lipo shots per my doctor. It’s nice to know that your appetite was nonexistent as mine is SO large! I need help with self control. I’m 180, 5’2 and want to get down to 130-140.

  6. This is MY story! Girrrrl! You are telling my exact story. I just received an rx for phentermine. I start taking it tomorrow. I am going to keep watching your videos!!

  7. My doctor will not give them to me. He wants me to lose the weight on my own. This depo has me huge I walk every day after work 4 miles or more. My weight goes up and down it makes me want to give up ughhhh 😞

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