1. Ok I was 225 and am now 215 and have been doing keto wrong because I was doing 70 or less grams of protein!!! And 20 or less of carbs and 132 of fat every day. So I need 149 grams of protein according to body weight so what about the carbs and fat? To Dr Berg

  2. I’ve lost 36 kilos all good but the last 10 kilos I can’t shed! haven’t changed anything I’ve stalled for 6 months ;( I’ve been doing the 2 meals a day 3 weeks now ( 1 meal I tried but just about passed out ) and nothing. I’m pretty upset why did it work so well until now? 😭

  3. Im on keto for 3 months now . I plateaued after 2 weeks. Tried all you say . Now it s been twi weeks since I am on one meal IF . And nothing changed . Same plateau 🙁 I'm very frustrated .

  4. I did find that when i do keto for two weeks orso and i eat carbs, the next day i drop significant weight.. as if my body is like 'oh there are carbs availible, then it's okay to loose weight'…. Quite strange.

  5. Is there an amount of fat one should eat (an equation?) I keep hearing you might be eating too little or too much but I can’t find what the sweet spot should be. Should fat grams always be more than protein??

  6. 2 weeks into Keto with IF (OMAD) and lost 10 lbs, but plateauing now for last few days. Doesn't look like I'm in Ketosis yet based on test strips. I have been getting between 60-80g of protein per day and struggling. I am 5'2" and 295 lbs now, so with calculation for protein I need at least 106g of protein. I am a lot happier now that I know I can worry less about protein amount. Also my Calorie count is on average 1200 cals/day.

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