1. So many uncalled no reps. Such clear steroid usage. Such random "judging" standards. Its clear to see why Olympians and professional athletes don't fool with this silliness.

  2. Question for those in the know: This sport seems to me to be rife with all manner of exposure to injury. Is this a correct observation?

    P.S: Please don't misunderstand, I think these people are amazing athletes and very dedicated to what they do, it just appears to be not meant for a career of longevity.

  3. In my opinion some athlets gained to much weight perhaps even mussels but they loosed cardio (see Vellner or Sara Sig). There isn't much heavy weight lifting in the end

  4. All the credit in the World to Ohlsen. I thought he was doing the classic Ohlsen move. Shoot out way too fast and burn out. Watching it, I reckon Fraser thought the same. He was almost dawdling. Drinking his water and cruising like he was expecting Noah to crash. He did in the last 2 rounds but he was far enough ahead to hold on. Fraser needs to come out tomorrow with his killer instinct.

  5. Pulling for my boy J Heppner but WOW, What I just witnessed! Noah Olsen did not let the Champ surpass him. But my boy was right there with them! Let's go Heppner!

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