1. Im really really hating the event workouts so far. It's all suited for speed and endurance, there's no strength or technique. It's favoring younger unknown athletes and your top name veteran athletes are getting cut. Its going to make for an unwatchable final. This is just awful.
    Did they anticipate this, or did Rogue get cheap because they didn't want to supply and transport all the weights.

  2. Everything is inside crossfit: from the most refined psychological abilities, to the most brutal strength and cardio; passing through coordination, eficiency, smooth mobility & pacing. The fittest soul in the whole world!
    Including sniper's shot. Like in the Rogue 2019 invitational, in the olympic (winter's games) based biathlon. Really awesome.

  3. I love crossfit and the crossfit games. But this sprint event is very disappointing. This athletes are capable of things we can not even imagine..what a waste of event

  4. If they're streaming it does it mean they will finally stop showing this garbage on TV. That would be amazing. Finally the crossfit fad is dying off. A great day for exercise and sports!

  5. If this is best test of best on earth why did so many duds line up on day 1??? Just cos someone is best in some heaven knows where country doesn’t mean they should be here. This is not the Olympics and should not go down their format. Adding numbers like this is stupid and does not uphold the alleged concept of best on earth.

  6. Question? Why do all the female athelets looks like they are world class ❓ (which they are) And the men appear normal…. Not taking anything away from anyone… But Seriously the Ladies are a Class ACT

  7. Pretty disappointed by this games watching it on live stream. Event 1 with the 75 athletes cut many national championes would fall. What's the point of bringing them in to waves of 50 people and film Fraser and Toomey who we are gonna see until the end… And the cuts all the way down to 10 athletes is so frustrating.
    The Rogue invitational felt much better than this.

  8. Others may have already said this, but THANK YOU Rogue for excellent and accessible coverage of the Games. I was worried coming in to the weekend, but you guys delivered with a great stream. Thanks so much!

  9. Less talk about the dottirs please. Sure, their results are surprising but the results of the other women aren't. Kari and Kristin have always been very strong, very close to a podium finish and improving every year. They were right for saying not to ignore Kristin anymore. She has been performing better every year and took 3rd in the open this year, her being in this position shouldn't be a huge surprise to them. I'm quite sure she would've placed about the same in these events even if "the dottirs" performed better. She deserves a little bit more credit imo. The only thing that would probably set her back is a heavy lift event, other than that she will very likely stay in the top 3. She is one of the most mentally strong and consistent athletes in the field, which is even more impressive seeing several other athletes on the field breaking down and having big gaps in their performances.

    I'm very sorry for Sara. It almost looks like she peaked too early seeing how well she did at the invitational and winning the open while she wasn't planning to and didn't expect to. She should've been in the top 3 imo.

    Happy to see Tia isn't very dominant so far and Matt made a mistake because last year was pretty boring to watch. And Noah winning Mary and taking 1st place overall while going head to head with Matt was epic. Can't wait for the rest of the weekend!

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