1. I'm sore, just watching y'all work out! When I'm ready to quit in the gym, I hear that "Gain Certified" in my head, always gives me an extra rep.

  2. Gains Certified as always. Can’t wait to try this one. Rell get ready to do the strong man workout, you close to 1000 likes. Please make that video.

  3. I’m back from vacation now let’s get back to them GAINZ‼️ I’m bout to go harder than before. Keep em coming big homie 🦍💯

  4. Yeaaaa boyeee another great workout and inspiring to see you working with Dylan; Go Big indeed; appreciate your work ethic. Keep gettin big, Im fired up to get it in when I go to the gym later this evening after work.

  5. Good video. I do a lot of pyramid work on my bench. I am probably the biggest and the oldest at my gym even though I have only been lifting weights for 5 years. Keep killing it. I just did a video on training partners and how it pushes you to have one. Keep up the great work!

  6. Killing it bro Yeah you right training with someone stronger makes you push, and no you haven't been slacking when your body isn't used a specific way of working out your body just say wtf

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