1. This is exactly what I needed. I have injuries which preclude my ability to do strenuous exercises. My doctor told me to MOVE. I exercise to your chair cardio videos and they are great too. Sometimes I get tired of seated exercises sometimes so this video was great. Thanks.

  2. I found you on YouTube last week and I’ve been doing this workout plus one of your 10 minute chair workouts every day. I agree with a previous comment…you should be on Ellen!

  3. Wow, this is fun! I was looking for a alternative to the walk at home videos which I've been doing for a week or so, but honestly they are pretty boring. Thanks for making exercise fun!

  4. I had a class for seniors, I am very not coordinated, and was awful. Then the teacher e mailed me a DANCING, to observe, and they were doing everything she told me not to do! Too funny

  5. WOW!! You look great for 60! I hope I can move as well as you do when I'm 60. I love the energy of your workouts, keeps us motivated to push through till the end!! 🙂

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