1. Tried this last week. Resistance training requires resistance from the object you’re using, like a band that stretches. These stupid things can cause injury if you don’t use them correctly and they’re a fad. Not a fan

  2. Oh Boy!!  Another TRX workout to add to my regimen!  LOVE IT!  Just got done doing it and it's a good one!  And God Bless ya' for sayin' how you were sore from teaching!  I'm sore from working out with you 5 days a week–But I Love It!!  Thanks again for your amazing work outs, Amy!!  XOXO-Shari

  3. I love working out and lifting heavy and doing yoga and now tabata. Even with a "decent" base, this is my first time doing a real TRX workout and WHOA! That was a serious work out! Crazy hard but also a lot of fun! Thanks for making this video!

  4. Hi Amy,

    Are you the amazing athlete in this video? You did an incredible job with these exercises and I would like to know if your a personal trainer? My name is Dan Long, my YouTube channel is KILLMODEDANLONG for reference. I'm interested to talk to you for a possible business opportunity if you're interested. Feel free to respond to this comment or find me on Facebook or Instagram to connect. Again, great job on this video! Talk soon, Dan

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