1. Total Body Strength worked all major muscles and got the cardio up there as well. Great quick workout with Jessicasmithtv, which was what I could only manage today as I am totally wiped out today (body feels like it is dragging through thick mud). I used 5 pounds and I finished sparkling! Thanks again, Jessica!

  2. Hahaha, Peanut was in fire! 😀 I am sweating bullets right now, another awesome workout this was. 🙂 (I don't know why I am speaking Yoda today.) Thank you, Jessica!
    (Oh, wait, I just remembered: my Peanut – whom I lost a little over a year ago, and I'm pretty sure I'll never get over her – was called Jessica at Animal Control when I adopted her. I am not making this up. As soon as I mentioned those two names within a couple sentences, I remembered it.)

  3. I was looking for a sculpting routine. This is it! I have been working out with 5-5lbs and 10-10lbs and the other gym machines thrice a week with cardio on the other two days, and, still haven't seen any major results. Time to bring in more.

  4. Day 24 continuously working out with Jessica! This was short but oh so sweet. It hit every single major muscle group while keeping the heart rate up. I loved it! Sparkling over here!

  5. Love it Jessica – I just discovered you as the online exercises videos I was doing was not suitable for me. Love your energy, dog!, and felt very motivated by you. I normally can't complete or I lose focus as I get bored – but not with you! Thank you I will be back! Do you have online exercises programme I can purchase (I don't have a DVD). Thanks!

  6. Another great workout! Thanks Jessica. Would love to make a donation to Jessica Smith TV so you can keep bringing us these free workouts. Does anyone know how I do that?

  7. Love that I can work total body with weights in 18 mins. (some workouts even less time) I am just trying to stay strong and healthy, not be a body builder. Much more motivated to do these type videos than sign on for 60 mins!

  8. I'm sparkling like crazy. I can't do pushups so I do wall pushups (sorry). I guess I prefer standing exercises.

    That said, I love your videos. They really do challenge me.

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