1. So…do strongmen not eat fish? I've never seen any strongmen mention fish protein. I know the sumo eat a ton of it, but with strongmen it's more about beef..

  2. Now I m feel hungry… 🥛🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🥚🤩🍞🍚🍚🍚🍝🍝🍝🍝🍝But pasta is a good idea for me… I'm Italian… ❤️💪🏻💪🏻💪🏻

  3. Wait a second, Eddie Hall is 6'3"? Good Lord. I assumed he was like five foot six and just massive. This guy must be so big it makes him look short but he's tall. LOL wow this is just shocking to me

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