1. This is one of my favorite core workouts–I just keep coming back to it! It's always challenging enough to where I feel it in my belly the next day but fun and relaxing enough for me to do in the evenings as a quick break from work. I was also thrilled today that I finally managed to go through the whole flow without taking breaks or falling over during the high lunges, haha. Love it! <3

  2. Whoa! Feeling the wonderful heat. Thank you, Adriene. This one was great, I might incorporate it daily! I was able to keep up with you on the mindful mountain climbers, woo hoo! 💪🌺💗

  3. Love this quick core and flow! Even when I don't really feel like doing any type of exercise I can tell myself, do Adriene's Deep Core! Its only 20 mins and leaves me feeling great!

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