1. Awesome post. I just stumbled on to your channel while looking for information about swim bands. I'm new to the world of Triathlon and I'm aiming to do the ironman 70.3 in 2020. My weakest sport is swimming and I'm looking to improve over the next year. I totally enjoyed your video and you have inspired me to grab some bands to help me with my body position. I too have heavy legs and the way my swim coach like to describe me as a Manatee. Thank you.

  2. The end of this video should be it's own video. I am having a hard time trying to find a pool to learn and swim in, most of them are overcrowded and filled with swim teams and much faster, fitter swimmers.

  3. Hi there Brother
    I am coming to Winnipeg in April for four months
    I am a learning western classical music and main reason to come to winning is to seek lessons from my teacher in Winnipeg.
    I'm a professional violinist also and also perform live shows concerts events
    And also run my YouTube channel. Till now I was not having a good camera to shoot or a good video editing software .
    But my sister here in Winnipeg has purchased a GoPro Hero 5 black for me and I'll now be upgrading my videos for my YouTube channel.
    This is gonna be great if we both collaborate , like I can prepare a video and feature you in or vice versa for u and me in ur vlog . This is a huge investment for me

    So please reply about this and please send me your email so that I can contact you personally and discuss

    Have a nice day
    Warm regards

  4. Hi from France.
    Not a big fan of the buoy, I find it changes your posture in too an artificial way. I'm rather a floaty pants guy; your floating is more natural. Still have to try the band though.
    Regarding out-of-the-tri-tribe- people favorite question "Why?" my best answer is just "because".

  5. couldn't agree more with the fear bit. My favorite part is people not necessarily believing I can do then the change in attitude once in done doing it haha. So great having others that feel the same and have gone through the same. Good luck in your training and your marathon swim!

  6. Pr'ed today in my 1.2 mile swim…52 mins. Trying to focus on technique…I've dropped 10 minutes off my time; changing little things over the past two weeks. Your swim tips are helping a bunch! Thx!

  7. How do you balance work/life/etc, myself, I have 3 children under 5 , all training stops if one is ill and the it can be alot , my 70.3 is in 19 weeks , and I am a bit behind , it can be difficult to balance everything..

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