1. Holly can win this for sure 100%. If Holly can weather any early on storms like Cat Zingano did or with Holly's amazing evasion and movement make Amanda chase her and get her frustrated as well as keep patient and pick her shots just as Shevchenko could against Nunes proved to be successful. Holly will need to be as durable as she was against Cyborg. She was able to take down a natural 145er Megan Anderson and keep her there as she did work so that goes to show if Holly can clinch Nunes against the fence (like she could with Cyborg) that also will tire Nunes arms, I believe thats key. Attempt a shoot for TD's just to make Amanda think its going to be more than A STRIKING BOUT like Nunes expects even though I dont advise holly to commit fully to it it will make Amanda think more…then thats an advantage for Holly. She is great at sticking to Jackson/Wink game plans which we know work when a fighter chooses to stick to it like she did against Rousey and she destroyed her. Amanda may be the biggest challenge thus far however Holly, who in my opinion did get robbed when she fought Germaine De Randame who is a world class fighter, if she fights Amanda Nunes like she did GDR Holly Holm can win this fight.

    Especially months just before this fight Nunes starts talking retirement…we know how fighters tend to decline when they reached the top staying hungry is in itself a challenge.

  2. Hi guys, (Holly Hom, I really appreciated her) that it's not time of Show. Did you remember the match between Tommy Hearn and Marvin Hagler, well Holly is Tommy Hearn doing show and Amanda Nunes is Hagler focus on in her training. Common Holly, Amanda is a real beast can beat and send you to hospital.
    pay clsoe attention, there's no time :
    1- Swinging around her, never stay static in front Amanda, Swinging your hip and feet for get your goals use your elbows and knee (Mutai and Ju jitsu)

    2- please hit her legs and knee, but also her ribs and right shoulder.

    3- keep far away of the cage-wall
    By Holly, God protect you and he'll give the victory.

  3. Her attitude won me over. Humble, confident and respectful. I was never really a fan of hers but her responses during the Q&A definitely won me over. I like both fighters but I'm now all in for Holly.

  4. Holly beat Ronda, Ronda beat Mesha, Mesha beat holly. Fighting can go be weird… Nunes is a beast true enough beating 2 of the 3. Just hoping holly gets the W

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