1. Awesome guy but he needs to work on his form, especially during pike push ups and keeping an eye on that posterior pelvic tilt during his pushing movements

  2. Always inspired by Chris and his crew. ThenX made me fall in love with Calisthenics. It started with « How to Human Flag » to where I am now. Training 6 day a week, some days more intense than others, but always trying to get out of my comfort zone with muscle ups, Front Lever and Handstands. Thank you 🙏🏼

  3. Shout out to this channel and boo johnson for getting me back into skating!!! ✌Had some gnarly health problems and never thought i was gunna skate again. Getting my health back and shredding once again.

  4. Could the next video be a walkthrough the new thenx app, answering questions like:
    1) What programm should you start depending on your fitness level?
    2) What to do if someone doesnt have the time to workout 5 times per week?
    3) What should you do if you cant do a move at all? For example L-sit?

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