1. You CANNOT drink anything except water while fasting because it requires your digestive system and the point is to give your body a break. Your body becomes better at using stored fat as an energy source (increases fat burning and increases energy levels), decreases inflammation (no bloating or puffiness and reduced breakouts) and stabilizes your blood glucose levels by using fat as well as glucose for fuel.

  2. My Husband and I started Intermittent fasting (iFast) for 12 hours – which was really easy to track we stopped eating at 7PM and didn't eat again until 7AM. I did this for 5 months and lost 6 lbs. Then I decided to up my gain and went to 17:7 where I fasted for 17 hours and ate for 7 hours. I basically skipped breakfast and started eating at Noon time. I have now lost 12 lbs. and it has only been 6 1/2 months since I started fasting. I lost 6 lbs. in 1.5 months. I went back to my 12 hour fast and have maintained. I am starting to do the 17:7 again. I believe this will not only help you lose weight, feel great, be healthier, but with the different hours of fasting it is a life style change in my pattern in eating that is sustainable.

  3. Just over 1 year 2 months fasting. Did it initially cause I hit a weight loss platau. Well passed my goal weight 6 months ago now do it for the health benefits plus I find I have way more time for other things then stuck cooking.

  4. These people did not seem to understand the concept. You can have coffee/tea and it doesn't break your fast. Plus all those carbs… Anyone who is interested in IF please research Dr. J. Fung or Dr. Berg.

  5. Did that "nutritionist" just advise her to make sure to eat 1 or 2 starchy foods but don't eat too many fruits? Does she not know that carbs turn into sugar and that fruits have a ton more vitamins and nutrients than brown rice? It's like she secretly wants them to be unhealthy. Either that or she fell asleep in her nutrition classes, like… every day. This is the dumbest and worst advice ever.

  6. Nutritionists really only know what is taught in school and most of what they are taught is wrong. In fact, their teaching only makes us fatter. Intermittent fasting allows the body to heal as well as reduce the appetite. I personally dry fast 23 hours before sitting down to a nutrient dense meal and beverage. Occasionally I’ll fast to 48 hours to encourage autophagy.

    Science reports that fasting actually speeds up metabolism, lowers blood pressure, lowers insulin resistance and resets your set weight to a lower weight.

  7. Thank you for the informative video. I can relate. I lost 44lbs/20kg within 4 months through intermittent Fasting and enjoying all my meals. It has been a breakthrough for me since I have battled with obesity for 30 years. I have shared some informative videos also on you tube on my channel – Just Eat Intermittent Fasting Discussions.For More informations kindly check my website: http://www.rachelnekati.com

    Well done and keep on changing lives…

  8. SBC help please hi I did it before 1 month and last week I did it for 5 days and forgot to drink water only 1 cup and I I started eating normally on Saturday. Had sides effect chest pain and dizzy. And now it’s happening again this time my left chest.

    I checked my doctor last week checked my blood pressure and mid chest where it pained and to take big breath and take Paracetamol.

    Can you please tell me what to do?
    I’m worried

  9. Ramadan fasting , we knew allah gived us a lot of gifts and you keep proving it with your science , so to be clear a billion humans already knew and practice it , peace upon you all

  10. What a wasted opportunity.
    Why did they not run some simple blood tests before and after the experiment?
    Especially seeing that the guy actually TOLD the nutritionist (Who was worthless and knew nothing about IF) that he was looking to manage his BP and cholesterol levels, how hard would it have been to test those things? Or to simply weigh the subjects? Or to measure their waists before and after?
    Performing some tests would have been easy, and it would have made the segment helpful and informative.
    Instead, we got a vague ''my clothes fit better''. Lazy reporting.
    Shame on you, Today.

  11. this is absolutely the worst nutritionist i have ever heard. less than 2 minutes in she says that you can vary your eating times with no varying results. this could not be more false. your fat burning increases exponentially throughout the 16 hours fasting period. so in reality you are burning more fat in hour 16 than you are in hour 8. therefore varying your eating times is not desirable.

  12. It’s confusing…you did intermittent fasting for a month and you look the same as the first week of your video. You don’t look any thinner! This goes for the female if the video…

  13. Question : why does the doctor say don't over do the fruits? Usually I try to snack healthy during IF and that includes a lot of fruits.

  14. I'd guess that 80% of the population has been doing IF at 16:8 that's pretty much just skipping breakfast. Isn't that like every school kid ever? I don't get this.

  15. If you want to try IF forget what they say in this video and go watch videos with Dr. Fung.
    He is one of the leading researchers in the field and can explain it in ways thats easy to understand.
    Also, you dont just cut back on everything, you need to get certain amounts of carbs, fat and protein depending on what your goal is.

  16. It works. Add keto you'll lose weight very fast. Cures type 2 diabetes. You will lose 1 lb a week on IF. You will lose 2 lbs a week if you do IF and eat Keto.

  17. The benefits of IF is so much more than you will lose weight! I lost 12 lbs my first month. Im into my 3rd month now and I am down 25 lbs. I cant believe they only lost 2-4 lbs in 30 days???

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