1. Thanks a lot for replying sister ….I searched at Amazon but couldn't find that belt 😥😥😥😥😥..please please please send me the link please…..I really want to buy those belt cos my arms are so fat …..

  2. Abi
    Please do consider it
    It’s so beautiful and modest
    Before I got into it I thought it was going to be difficult but Alhamdulilah
    Now I’m beginning to have really beautiful and simple abayas that are super comfortable on me. And I thank Allah so much.
    Lol May Allah bless you

  3. Maa’Shaa
    This is why one should never judge someone
    U don’t wear the hijab 🧕
    And you have extensions on your hair
    Someone could easily judge you
    I’m really surprised seeing you pray..
    Sister that’s so good keep it up
    I’m so happy seeing this lol

  4. Hello my sister Abi. Your so motivating. I wish we were bff's 😂. Thank you so much for your videos. All your videos from clean up video to you and your girls on holiday morning. Thank you. Your positive attitude is a breath of fresh air. Your self esteem is out of this world. Never change. You have the ability to change the world,,, one person at a time. Never change. Keep talking as long as you need to. Your friends are always willing to listen. Keep videos coming for 2019. Ps. I'm still waiting for your New Years clean up video. Plus calories are burned while cleaning your 🏡 home. Best to you beautiful Abi and your family.!!!! Ps. I just started my acv journey. Just like you say all the time.. if you can do it I'm sure I can do it too .

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