1. Awesome to see other people involved like Matt, Pitt is really showing how it really is and is not afraid to let other trainers be involved in Mookies journey ! Now that’s what I respect !

  2. Ive seen a few videos of yourself , along with your past team with much respect too your past and present state in your lifes journey. KEEP BANGIN KID …. As a father at 49 w 3 kids…..25,22, and 14….STAY HEALTHY … STAY SAFE … AND DREAM OUT LOUD

  3. Love the videos dude! I am a big guy myself and on the trek to getting fit. And the videos are motivation and knowledge for me to use in the gym.

  4. Hell yeah Mookie! Keep using your weight to your advantage while you can. Those bodyweight squats are no joke when you are a big dude. I started my WL journey at 475 lbs., and I couldn't even do those without hanging on to something, so to see you do it without that support is amazing to me. You're going to be an absolute beast when you get down to weight. It's going to be interesting to see what you'll be able to squat and DL by then. Keep it up bro! We are all rooting for you!

  5. Hella glad I came across these videos. Mookie out here putting in mf work and it gave me some motivation to get back on my shit and be accountable. Good lookin out y’all!

  6. As a person that’s 100 lbs over weight, been procrastinating over 10 years about eating healthier and working out. (Time flys)Coming from someone that literally loves fast food and junk food I started eating healthier last month and lost 10 lbs so far after I broke my foot on impact due to being over weight which was a wake up call. Almost quit in the beginning but these vids really helped me to be motivated. Now that my foot is healing I need to start working out. I could of worked out before no excuses but I was lazy which is gonna change ASAP! Thanks Pit!

  7. Who in the hell will thumb down someone trying 2 better their life!!! 🤷🏻‍♀️ KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK MOOKIE, YOU ARE AMAZING!

  8. Mookie; when you don’t feel like working out just remember you’re changing the lives of thousands of people you don’t know. You are too strong to give up.

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