1. My goodness that’s awful about your son I’m so pleased he’s ok That’s very scary.
    Your food choices today looked really tasty 😋 good luck for your weigh in this week it really sounds like you’re on track I can’t wait to hear your results.

  2. Your meals look soooo good, Carrie. Sadly for me and my metabolism, I would not be able to eat those same items and assign the same point values. But you know, that's what "working our program" is all about, experimenting and learning what works best for ourselves, right? I'm so sorry for what your son went through. That is SO scary. Prayers for quick healing for him. New sub. Stop by. xoxo Peace! ~TONI

  3. Carrie so glad your feeling good about being back on track!! Ww is an awesome program, we can have ups and downs in life but tomorrow thank God is another new start to living and eating healthy. You encourage me so much!! Thank you for your honesty and your videos.

  4. I’m happy your son is okay! I was on WW Freestyle was only maintaining the same weight. For the month of April, I did itrackbites (sugar smart) only lost 2 pounds. I’m going back to the Momentum program with itackbites, starting May 1st today. Love you and always praying for you and your family. Your an inspiration to me, Thank you! 🙂

  5. They definitely need to get carbon monoxide monitor. Especially having gas in home. Thank God your Daughter n Law remembered your son smelling gas earlier. Definitely call 911 first and let them know you have someone not feeling well and tell them also about the gas smell. Thanks be to God everyone was able to get help fast.

    Fantastic your doing so well Carrie. So proud of you. You look happy and so refreshed. Thank you for sharing your information about your day and how your accomplishing your goals. God Bless you. Love Tamson 😇 💖👍👏

  6. Welcome back to sharing your what you eat in a day ! Are you also counting your calories and do you use all your daily points? ☀️😊🌸🌺🌼

  7. I have been having trouble staying on tract lately and watching you is helping seeing i am not alone…and that i can do it too. Thank you for helping! Happy your son is okay.

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