1. You americans DO have socialism: It's called your Military industrial complex.
    Do you really think the tens of millions of people involved in the military are being productive ???? Lol. You swapped out your industrial base that was once capable of producing well crafted consumer/industrial goods at a good price for one that now produces shoddy, cost-plus and very lucrative munitions. Also Intellectual property is huge; you get a free lunch from many foreign countries sending tons of money just to watch a fkn movie or use a piece of software.

  2. Oh look, I came across the Incel side of YouTube by accident! Lol. The despair around here is palpable and quite tense. I'm just gonna leave now, and leave you insecure little guys to do whatever you want

  3. Blaming millenials for having to fix your mistakes how stereotypical……when your generation is at the helm of the economy and politics and it's all going to shit your response is to blame the next generation……I can't wait till you all die off and things can be fixed cost of living dropped innovation restored from all the greedy boomers out of the way

  4. The question is will have learned something from the collapse or we will still have out heads up our asses and blame it on something else. We know that women will never take the blame for the downfall of the west Hell, they refuse to take blame for why they're spinsters and never married.

  5. Todays self professed princesses who believe they are G-ds gift to men will be trading their asses for a tin of spaghettios… Nobody wants vain, self centered women and they have set themselves up to be commodities by acting as such… Given that most of them have to spend two hours in front of a mirror to create the illusion, a lot of them will experience great hunger, without the preening, primping, paintjob and photoshop, most are butter faces who cant actually do anything else… The good'uns are already taken and/or have the skill sets that will enable them to earn what they need without resorting to selling their bodies…

  6. I've learned that when a woman's level of safety changes dramatically, such as the lack of money or fending off attacker, she will compromise and allow her body to be used for sex. Money for escape of suffering a bad lifestyle and a means of defence for potential bodily harm.
    If the female has readily access to either of these 2 things via society or the government, then there's no incentive to offer up sex, affection, or love to a man.

  7. Eastern Europe 1992-1994. Model quality chicks renting it for nickels. I lived it and took advantage of it. Not Beta. Just the way it was. Normal girls were giving it for free Good times for anyone who had stronger money in their pocket. For those with balls..check out Belarus, Khazakstan and any other country in a similar situation. I wish I was 23 again.

  8. There is NO WAY that Mexico and the US have around the same amount of life quality. The murder rate in Mexico is 21 per 100000 inhabitants, the murder rate in the US is 4.5 per every 100000 inhabitants. The poverty rate in Mexico is of 50%, poverty rate in the US is 15%. Your life expectancy is also 3 years longer than that of Mexico

  9. There will be communities that follow religious principals. They may fall apart morally too in time too .. yet, for the most part; one will find tradition and a life partner in such places.

  10. Will food, drinkable water, and shelter ( throw in breathable non -radio active air too ) be the new currency? Then that's your most basic goal and your love desire's most common denominator.

  11. Dude, even a slowdown would get Women back in the streets.
    Recently because of the Government shutdown, the Food Stamps weren't being supplied anymore, there were numerous Women on the Streets (they weren't homeless or anything) begging for money to buy a big Mac.
    And that's just Food Stamps.
    So imaging what a Collapse or a longer term recession could do.
    P.S: A lot of my info indicates that the collapse will probly happen in our lifetime.

  12. Hundreds of thousands of women from Venezuela are now in Colombia sucking dicks for a sandwich. In a post-collapse, the same thing will occur in America or anywhere else.

  13. If we get hit by another Carrington Event like the one in September of 1859, that will bring the real change. People can rebound comparatively easy after an economic downturn.

  14. Finally get laid at least. Until all women are blind, drunk, or desecrated from a coffin, 8m not ever getting shit. Modern world doeant have much to offer short balding guys.

  15. I see the successful "pretty people" with their perfect families hooking up, both high SMV men and women, and buying those suburban 2.5 bedroom, two car garage 2400 sf homes. Some females play the role of the trophy wife and soccer mom, the others are the career movers and shakers making for a comfortable living. Most are well educated.

  16. Don’t worry under a certain religion women are going to be powerless again. Legal pedophilia , legal child brides , legal rape , legal murder , legal sex slaves , sounds fun . The globalists have stated in their white papers 2025 as the goal set for 80 % population reduction with the red death WAR and then the white death PLAGUES . Also let’s not forget A.I. the brain chip is now a reality ( Elon Musk – Soros invested in his company ) ready to be placed on the brain to help you interface with the net by a surgical robot , soon coming to a mall near you . I wonder how long before it’s mandatory ?They’ve found the human brain is programmable like a computer who will be in control of your brain , you or the chip ? Still the most efficient brain chip will be at the base of the brain then all bets are off . Emotions , religion and morals are illogical . Having a smart chip in the brain is the perfect kill switch and the funny thing is you will ask to have it put in , for the most part , voluntarily . Those so easily led to the slaughter , will be slaughtered .

  17. I enjoy this guys videos, they are funny and sometimes thought provoking. But I have to ask, what is it that “Cappy” has accomplished outside of this advisory channel? It’s always important to consider the source, and I have so far been unable to really sort out who he is after watching a good deal of his videos the last week or so.
    Does anyone know what his deal/history is? Accomplishments and the like?
    Let me know.

  18. Economic collapse will likely not be the problem in the near-term. Rather, the problem will be the increased ease with which technology has allowed us to create chaos.

    Long story short: civilian drone warfare. If you're an incel in this day and age, what better way to spread around the misery you're feeling than sending out a bunch of drones you and your dorky, bullied engineering friends made and programmed? And, with the right equipment and programming, they can do it from the comfort of their homes…

    Consider this for perspective: back in December, London's Gatwick airport was completely shut down for a day or two simply because a drone was being flown there. They never caught the guy behind it (as far as I know currently) and never even determined a motive. Again, it's not like the drone even had a payload, it was just being flown around.

    I'm not saying this will necessarily affect gender relations immediately (especially considering the fact that the current generation's selective preferences have already been set…nothing will likely change them). Rather, this will begin to set the tone for the future, as the current generation fades into the next.

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