1. I can‘t do a pullup with proper Form, although 11% BF @79kg and 181cm.
    I can‘t pull 65kg on the Lat pulldown to my sternum – I manage 60 a few reps.
    Proper pull up technique is without thoracic Flexion compensation for weak Latissimus.
    1 real clean pullup is actually very hard. (I could do 5 Chin over bar with +10kg but with improper technique)

  2. Take away, pull your own weight! 😉 Their arms toned up so beautifully! I've always wanted my arms to look like that, now I know how accomplish this. Right on!

  3. This is news to me, I didn't know not being able to do a pull up was a thing. Besides people that weigh over 250 pounds. You would think people under 120lbs should be able to do it no problem

  4. I remember I did my first chinup in pe class in 6th grade. Then in 7th grade I could 5chinups, and 8th grade 7 chinups. In high school I was the only girl who was able to do more than 7 chinups/pullups. My best was 8 pull/chinups
    I can still do at least 4 now, but I've always worked hard to get there

  5. Cringe at the redhead saying she works out more than her bf but can’t do a pull up, and at the end says she’s never weight lifted. That’s why you can’t do one!
    ‘Working out’ and training/lifting are not equal strength builders.

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