1. hey Lauren! I just wanted to tell you that the stretches you're doing before your workout are static stretches and not dynamic stretches which actually aren't super effective before a workout and can actually decrease your potential! Instead start with something like jumping jacks, high knees etc and save the static stretches for after the workout :)<3

  2. Hi Lauren. You are so gorgeous and love your videos! 💖 This is Mia from Teddy Blake Designer Handbags and we would love to team up with you. Connect with us through our Instagram account. Our username is @teddy_blake. Hope to hear back! 😉

  3. thank you so much for posting this! you’ve been one of my fav youtubers inspiring me with my fitness journey ‼️ keep making these !!

  4. Loved this Lauren! We can really tell that you have been on a grind lately!!!! So excited! But also take care of yourself and don’t overwork! Love your work on here!!! 💕

  5. For those med ball sit up slams try holding the ball close to your chest on your way up. It makes it so much harder!! I sometimes do weighted sit ups with a kettlebell and phew is it killer

  6. Great routine!! I love seeing everyone's exercises because they are all different but also effective. Your killing it with these workouts and I'm definately seeing the passion in you. As always, I love your channel and I cant wait for the next video!😁

  7. OMG you are my favorite 😍💕YouTuber I love you so much and how you are always looking and the brighter side of things I love that. 
    small youtuber

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