1. I couldn't eat that much. I would get tired of eating. I guess he needs the fuel for what he does. I just don't have that much of an appetite.

  2. I eat live chicks for breakfast… Their cheeping gets me hungry so i just eat them whole. I have about 4 live chicks… Then scramble the embyo of one egg and cover it in the 5th live chick then eat him. Dont ask me what i eat for lunch and dinner

  3. Man, I feel so bad for him being tied to his fridge like that; actually would really suck. Could you imagine how much missing a meal must affect his equilibrium? Mood swings, hunger pangs, motivation, energy levels; everything depends on him getting at least that much food. After a while, it wouldn't even taste good anymore.

  4. After watching this video i feel comfortable in saying that, as an Earth Born human being, having lived in 3 continents of the world throughout my life, I would honestly say that, beyond a shadow of a doubt, while also not intending to hurt anyones feelings or ruin anyones day just by commenting, and while still remembering that so many lives have been lost throughout history that were directly related to this subject(eating vs starving), and also trying to be completely objective while still offering insight into the situation, I truly think that, even if you don't personally agree with me, and keeping in line with the narrative of this video, that I was eating a footlong sub from subway which i can normally finish easily, but i didn't because watching this video made me full.

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