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  2. Wow – Honestly, thankyou from the bottom of my heart to the very top my friend, I have been using this tutorial at home for a month now and have honestly never felt better. I was suffering with a bad back and joint pain, but with this video and a few others I feel so much better. I intend to up the level of yoga & the length of time I do it for aswell as I get better. Thankyou, sir.

  3. Sean. Just did Yoga for the first time in my life using this video. it felt wonderful, after 10 minutes it was the closest ive been to touching my toes in 10 years. I was wondering how long would you reccomend staying on the beginner video before moving on? (For reference im out of shape and very inflexible) Thanks a bunch!

  4. So i did this twice, first time was my first time, second was to try again now that I have a general Idea and to memorize some of the poses. Even just doing this I had a massive improvement, thanks for sharing I will be checking out your other videos.

  5. Thanks great doing this in my dark bedroom for 10 mins before a heavy weightlifting workout. Reason I clicked was bcs you said for men and that's great! Age 16 btw

  6. Really a good way for beginners to get into yoga especially when flexibility is a big issue for most people unfamiliar with yoga or other activities that expect a certain degree of flexibility

  7. So glad this exists so i don't have to listen to a hot girl telling me to breathe in the love and Happiness. I just want to do yoga, not passion stretch

  8. Nice job Sean. Nice to see a person with a sense of humor doing Yoga. My last instructor was a total bitch. Total control freak. It made of a strange class. I stopped going.

  9. I keep coming back to your videos. Although I'm not your usual yoga type of guy, I really enjoy them and feel great when I'm done. Thank you sincerely for these

  10. I’m not sure what classifies a beginner but I workout with quite a few of your videos. I enjoy coming back to these when I am feeling a bit more exhausted!

  11. I'm doing a really tough workout for my fighting. And today I'm supposed to do yoga, thanks a ton for a great routine! Used to do yoga in my karate class for tung soo do, really great place.

  12. Thank you! I've been surrounded by friends that practice Yoga regularly, dated 3 instructors, and I could never get past one session! I've been practicing your videos daily. perfect communication and demonstrations for my learning style.

  13. Hi Sean.
    I have been doing the exercises in this video daily for the past week.
    I cant believe how much muscle & strength I have gained in my legs in such a short amount of time.
    I look forward to tying out your other workouts.
    Thanks for putting out such great videos .

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