1. So simple but I put in that work. I jump rope for 20 or 30 minutes sessions and I feel more of a workout from this. Maybe it’s jus a new challenge for my body. I’m sticking wit the jump rope but I will definitely do these wit u as u put them out.

  2. Thanks for the morning workout 😊 time to go for the run . Your a Inspiration for alot of thing for me. One is making the decision to join the Airforce after my this last year of college.

  3. Yeeooo Bully, my man!! I've been following your AF/Fitness journey since you made the "Tattoos in the Military" video back in 2016. I can't believe it's been 3 years already lol.. Anyways, was wondering if you could make a updated, more in-depth video on your workout routines. I need to get my lazy ass back in shape & you honestly give really good fucking advice & break everything down super simple. Keep doing you homie, thank you!!

  4. Bully fam I have a confession, I lost my job this week and been in the pitty dumps and haven't been in the mood to work out, but I'm gonna bounce back I just need some motivation! Anybody?

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