1. Love her!!! The other day my mum started working out using yt too! She showed me this same workout I think, but in another video, and she was enthusiastic about it… I tried it too and I'm also super happy with Ai Lee!! Nice to find out that she's also been at PopSugar!! Hannah you always pick the best trainers <3 <3 Thank you all!! <3

  2. Hellow love watching your vid .I love dancing and working out too I do zumba for cardio. I believe we need to stay fit . You inspire me and keep me motivated . I'm newbie try to Inspire people to do zumba for cardio. This really cool.

  3. dudee thank u sooo much for the modified ones there was like 3 moves which was lowkey very impossible for meeh nd this is dyopee m totally sweating but in the same time i feel refreshed 😀 time for a shower <3 thx a bunchh

  4. Love how they include the modified version for those who can't follow all of it but don't want to 'give up'. Brilliant for those who can't physically do it all (disabilities etc) and also for beginners that want to try it but isn't used to hiit workouts. You should also pace yourself never go from nothing to everything or do more than your body can cope with

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