1. Daily updates

    Day one: It wasn’t very hard which is surprising because all the workout videos that I’ve ever done make me winded and out of breath and feel like I’m gonna die but this one was my first day doing it and it just made me feel good yeah I swear a little but that’s because I sweat the easiest but other than that I hope it’s affective because this made me feel really good

    Day 2: I didn’t take any breaks and I feel very good afterwards. I did gets little winded but I pulled and all nighter so that’s why

  2. who checks comments to see if it works and finds more comments talking about checking comments to see if it works than comments saying if it worked or not????????

  3. Doing it at least twice a day (in rapid succession so when one set is done, repeat it) works really well, it’s not easy but major results occur

  4. Let's be honest, you can't substitute an hour workout with a 4 minute workout & expect better results. Imagine if you added this 4 minute workout to the end of your hour long workout? But most of y'all are lazy which is what brought you to this video.

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