1. I'm on day six, and it wasn't ever so easy to get in shape. Thank you for this logical informations. I think the part of not eating before the workout and to change the style of your exercises is really effective. I almost lost 4 kg in one week and my muscles are in better shape.

  2. I've lost merely 30 pounds while following THE LION Scheme without even knowing anything about it….Now I am on vacations…gained back 10 Pounds but never miss the gym…..Looking forward to discovering your 5 Weeks program….to better target my weight loss….Great Thax from Montreal and Casablanca !

  3. Do you think skipping a proper launch or replacing lunch with some snack like banana or apple and going to GYM in the evening doing (45min – 60min) of exercise helps losing fat?

  4. Thanks for the tips. I started making a habit of drinking water 30min B 4 eating. That helped me acelerate my digestive sis. Ummm… Yeah I had problems. But I truly have seen the diference and haven't stoped doing so. Water is my 1st and most of day, only liquid in take.

  5. G'day Jacob, I've gotten back into training(a shedding workout) for 6 months with intermittant fasting , I last did a bulking routine a few years ago… I feel bloody great and have put on some serious shaped muscle,also using some targeted probiotics, funnily ive lost a little fat reserves(I have alot to loose) but am not shredded, as I near the end of the workout I've considered combining keto to the next plan, , I see your plan that incorporated keto and a different style of muscle fibre growth and am Interested.
    My only question is the yoga, it's non negotiable for religious reasons.
    Does your workout plan centre around yoga, or is it an 'extra'
    Either way, Does your plan offer an alternative in its routine to the yoga content?

  6. I have been watching your videos for a while AND I ABSOLUTELY LOVE THEM!!
    I am 51 AND desperate to lose body fat (my spare tyre and a few chins!)!!
    I am in the process of moving house etc BUT will be subscribing once I am ‘settled’ • BEAR WITH 😀

  7. I'm 12 yr old and decently fit I think I'm around 20 percent body fat but as I play basketball I want to be a lot fitter and I have a decent amount of muscle I think and I'm 60kg ill try this out tommorow. I hope so much it works .

  8. Your words ring true. I stopped intermittent fasting after doing it for two years – never ever counted cals. I confess that I co get short-tempered on a fast-day (but I now have decided that it’s a small price to pay). Started putting weight on within a couple of months. Stopped drinking alcohol to try to lose a bit, but to no avail. Energy levels are down too. Going back to behaving as evolution intended. Thanks for the quality info.

  9. "natural ingredients such as caffeine, green tea extract, L-carnitine, Garcinia cambogia (hydroxycitric acid), capsaicin, ginseng, taurine, silk peptides and octacosanol, all of which have shown scientific evidence of enhancing fat metabolism associated with improving endurance performance."

    These natural ingredients promote lipolysis.

    Source: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/m/pubmed/27465721/

  10. I always eat breakfast especially before training. I have low blood pressure so the idea of not eating before a work out really scares me, I’ll give it a go tomorrow. Is it ok to eat immediately after a work out though?

  11. is there another way to brake fat? i have a liver problem ( non spesific but high enzimes most of the time) and i belive it is more difficult for me to brake the fat. i know it because when i tried the kito diet i felt terible and very fatigue. i only loose some weight if i train very hard mostly running… if for some reson i just do walking or very light workout i gain all back. i am 52y and vegan. do u have a solution for me?

  12. Hi im 37 in age..i have always hated breakfast and hot liquid like tea and soups growing up .. my mom would force me to eat them saying it good for me..i usually don't eat for most of the day. I want to in the day that's when I start eating. I stopped eating around 10 in the night that's bedtime. With this eating habit. I gained a lot of pounds. Starting to exercise I am at a hundred and seventy eight now. How can I push this further.

  13. thanks for this. I did keto and IF for three months, lost a ton of weight then i got bored of IF and started slacking. Exercising stopped too. Then I had an emotional setback and started eating croissants and sweet pastries and regained the lost weight. Your explanation makes so much sense, I wish I knew this material, i would have avoided the mess.

  14. im a 59 yr young male, never eat breakfast ive cycled all my life, I cycle 15 mile to work and try to extend that on the way home every day, i eat a packet of crisps and a cheese sandwich using brown seeded bread at 10.30 i dont eat again till 8/9pm , i have a very heavy job, I dont feel hungry during the day after 10.30 as i drink a good amount of water, my problem is all the foods containing sugar when i eventually start looking for something to eat, Do you have any tips/ideas on trying to cut the sugar down or recipes

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