1. I am a doctor and every time I try to get in to my local Barre3 class, a patient books with me making it so that I no longer have that slot available to work out with my favorite instructor. I just haven't been able to find the time. NOW, I can take your workout with me when I can't get in to my local Barre3 and still give my body a nice workout on MY schedule. Thank you SO much!!!

  2. I would really like if you would do mirror image. That is when you say left hand when you use your right. This helps a lot, for me anyway, as I can copy you. Most instructors do this. Thank you

  3. This was a great workout and my first intro to Barre3. I will likely subscribe to the monthly subscription now. One piece of feedback – because we are mirror image to you, it would be helpful if you identify the audience's side (example, say lift you left leg when you are actually lifting your right). It would make it much easier to follow.

  4. You kicked my butt! My failure for underestimating the power of a low-impact routine (lol).
    Despite the burn I felt, I really appreciate a full-body workout when I want to be fit but don't have very much time.

  5. Great instruction & workout! Maybe a little more cueing for the breath but other than that really wonderful job. The modification options are so important & you did an excellent job reminding people to take them! Bravo!

  6. Love it! Thanks for making a 30 minute barre3 workout video. 30 minutes gives me that push that sometimes I just don't feel up to lasting 60 minutes.

  7. This workout doesn't include stretches until the end when in my other barre classes we often do child's pose or roll our back out between sets. Is this mostly due to the time restraints of the video, or does barre3 involve less stretching during the workout?

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