1. We had to break in the new gym with a killer workout. Thanks for the well wishes and suggestions everyone – we've got a few surprises left and then the gym is DONE. Have a great weekend, STAY BUFF. -Hudson & Brandon

  2. Hey Buff Dudes! New to your channel and I am loving it! Great fun, great workout ideas! I can not find any video regarding supplements. To be or not to be? If to be, which one, are you using any pre workout (PWO)? I havnt tried any yet, not sure about the effects. Can this be Buff Dudes next mission to sort out?

  3. Wish u guys would do lower and mid traps. never see anything about that ln fitness pages. Altho. The buff dude page… is the best page… if u wana become a buff dude or gal❤️

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