1. I like watching Jeff videos for tips and tricks but I hate following his routine he makes it no fun because the exercise movement are so damn awkward

  2. Doctor said that I bear inflammation in all back muscles that they're blocking my rhomboids from living and breathing so when I sat longtime I get a symptom of forward head posture. came to see ur doings not talkings

  3. A great video. I've sorted out most of my shoulder problems (rounded, thoracic flexion) and my back in finally starting to show because of Jeff's videos! Good stuff

  4. Jeff, thank you so much for the detailed explanations. This knowledge is changing my training mentality/approach. Recently introduced to your channel so, hopefully my results as well.

  5. Is it oké for the head to hang in there like that and put pressure against gravity ( The last exercise I mean). Is it oké for you head? Because the blood might go there too much? I am just asking, I'm a trainee in becoming a personal trainer so I want to do whats best for the body.

  6. great videos on this channel!! it would be helpful, in your videos, if we could see you body positioning a little more clearly. the weird camera angle, like in the W raise part of this video, makes some of your examples hard to see the total exercise-often times your hands or feet float out of frame so things like- foot positioning- body angle to the floor -hand positions – are obscured –great stuff! keep it up!

  7. Started watching your videos yesterday after searching for shoulder workout and now I’ve been watching your videos for the whole night cus I couldn’t stop! I’m a girl but I absolutely love how you explain how the muscles work and how to target them all. Definitely going to use your videos for all my workouts! Thea from Norway 🙂 I am excited to go to the gym today!!

  8. Your video have helped so much in improving my workout. Especially this one I've felt a major difference in the workouts I walk out of the gym now actually feeling like I hit the muscles right and I'm not even lifting as much as I was before

  9. Bought his program. best value I gave ever seen for any info/training product. Great presentation and layout, well explained, well worth the money.

  10. When I do lat pulldowns, why do I feel it more in my biceps and chest almost. Hardly pumps myback at all!! Should I lower weight and focus on squeezing the lats??

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