1. If Jeff used to be skinny he still had great bodybuilding genetics but just didn’t know it until he started lifting because his gains are insane!! I’ve been working out very dedicated and hard for 10 years and my arms are only 15.75” flexed at 6’2” 195lbs. Lucky guy to have genetics to support such amazing arm development!!!
    Great video. I will try this out. Thanks

  2. Have you ever felt a spasm or twitch in any of your biceps when you’ve done this workout? I just started doing it and I felt these things in my left bicep only. It was giving me a warning as if I was putting to much tension on it? Any advice on what this could be and what to do so it doesn’t happen? Anyone?

  3. This is my new flavour of the month. However, if this is 6 minutes or there abouts, are you meant to do it as a sole arm workout or do you do it in addition to other arm exercises? If so, would you do it at the beginning or end of the workout? Love the videos btw 🙂

  4. Nice, thanks you for your videos, how many times do you think that can implement this sore routines into the normal hypertrophy routine? 1 time per month..once every week… ; for example if I train bicep/tricep on monday a normal hypertrophy routine, then after one or 2 days to recovery do you think its good to train again bicep/tricep with this sore plan or not, just repeat the same routine that i did on Monday, sorry my english; and if it is good i should do every week or just 1 one weed at month…thanks

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