1. Overloading is always going to be one of the best ways to build muscle, but it is not our only option. We can also focus on more volume and less rest to really beat up the biceps and force muscle growth. Workouts like these are great for when training from home, traveling or if you are short on time at the gym.

    Really give it your all and lift as heavy as you can on every set guys! You got this! #BreakingTheNattyLimit

    – 3 exercises
    – Rest 30 seconds between sets
    – Rest 60 seconds between exercises

    (2:14)- Mercy 30s (3 sets: 10 / 10 / 10 reps)
    (8:09)- Hammer Curl – INSIDE (3 sets: 8 reps per side)
    (12:20)- DB Curl w/ Supination (3 sets: 8 reps per side)

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  2. YOU, I am a girl, 5'1 so not tall at all, around 130 lbs, I tried the mercy 30's at my gym, MAN IT'S BRUTAL, it's savage, I LOVED IT. I am so gonna add it to my upper body routine <3

  3. I am confused a lot of other YouTuber's that do workout videos say to not stretch all the way down to tricep activation because you don't work your biceps all the way down and its true but on the other hand when you go all the way down you have more range of motion

  4. I did the Mercy 30’s today and the pump I got from them was absolutely AMAZING! You were my inspiration for going to the gym, you have no idea how you transformed my life thanks bro, seriously, I can’t thank you enough

  5. Looking for a good program to help add some lean muscle mass (with nutrition of course). I lost all the weight I need to. Now want to add some mass. Which of your programs would be best for this goal for a novice lifter?

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