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  2. is it enough to see results on my butt if i do this twice a week, and i do full body strength training also twice (30 min, includes glute exercises) a week and a 60 minute cardio once?

  3. exactly. this. This is what a workout video should be. no annoying background music. no inane comments from the “backup dancers”. exactly perfect. thank you!

  4. My back is hurting during the deadlifts. I’m putting in so much effort to keep it straight cus I’m not that flexible in my back, so I don’t feel anything but back pain during those. Someone pls tell me what’s going wrong. I literally try to copy the girl in the video, knees slightly bent, and trying super hard to keep my back straight

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  6. I love doing this I feel so sweaty tense and sore my butt really hurts, the deadlifts with the weights, and the toes , facing the sides both sides with weights, they feel so like my legs are on fire it is tough this workout very hardcore but worth the results.

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