1. I will make my fat crying 😈
    Day 1 (7 July 2019)✔️ 1set
    (8 July 2019) off
    Day 2 (9 July 2019)✔️1set
    Day 3 (10 July 2019)✔️2sets
    (11 July 2019) off
    Day 4 (12 July 2019)✔️2sets
    (13 July 2019) off
    (14 July 2019) off
    Day 5 (15 July 2019)✔️2sets

  2. Still loudly breathing while writing this comment! The weird it sounds like, but I got a real blast when the squat/punsh exercise came on and that never happened to me ever and it felt so good! I felt so strong and You were so motivating!!! Thanks!

  3. I have a question, I am 169 cm and 62 kg. I want to loose weight and get a little abs. Do you have recommendations on how many times per day I should do this workout, and if I should combine this with others?

  4. I thought for cardio need to get heart rate up 30 mins 3x/week. But this one prob die after five mins, Lol! How can I make it 30mins on this? What do you suggest?

  5. Great exercise. I will do this twice a day for one month and I will keep you guys updated. I currently weight 94.3 kilogram & my length is 1,74 cm. I hope to achieve great results.

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