1. Hi. should the advanced workout be coupled with the basic workout or should i ditch the basic if i begin doing advanced ?

    Also, the body part that feels most affected for me during long swim periods are my shoulders. any warmups or stretches i can add that focuses on shoulders?

  2. Hey Fares, I wanted to know, between dryland workouts and actual swimming, what should the workout schedule look like for an entire week? Would you do dryland MWF and swimming on TTS, or should there be a rest day in between each workout? I'm 39 and would like to incorporate swimming, with dryland type workouts and distance running.

  3. Goodness, you make all of this look so easy.. when it isn't I can barely do the plank much less raise my arm up 😀 Awesome video though. Very informative.

  4. Thanks so much for in depth explanation n techniques. Can u please provide some swimming techniques for kids who are suffering from bleeding disorders – hemophilia since swimming is the only way to keep them fit n manage joint bleeding

  5. Last year, for about 7 months I decided to combine a bit of swim to my main workout program in the gym. Weeks after weeks I realised how swimming was much more fun and a healthier training compared to the gym training itself. Even though my body strength decreased, due to "no-weight lifting", my body posture, mind strength and general optimism improved a lot.
    I found this video very useful because the excises proposed limit injuries and avoid to over-stress shoulders and joints. Definitely a good way to strengthen your body with simply your body-weight.

  6. Should you do this workout before you swim, and then also after you swim lift weights right after? Also should you lift weights right you swim or should you wait and hour or 2?

  7. Fantastic video, I'm finally getting back into swimming in prep for some shorter triathlons this year and your channel has become a go-to channel for all things swimming education related. A lot of info packed into <15min videos, ideal. Thanks!

  8. Do you think this could substitute for a warmup at a meet with limited warmup/cooldown lanes? I was at a masters meet a couple weeks ago, and there wasn't anywhere to warm up after the first hour, so I basically swam one of my races completely cold. I don't want to wear myself out, but it looks like the first workout (or a portion of it) might be good to get the muscles activated.

  9. I have a couple of questions:

    1. The last exercise of the regular workout i.e. Plank Progression, do we have to do the entire routine (wrist, elbows, hips etc) 10 times or just once?
    2. Also, does the alternate jump lunges x10 means 10 each leg or a total of 10?

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