1. WOW OK THIS WORKOUT >> K I L L E D << ME !! But I managed to do ALL the reps and all. My arms/shoulders are literally DEAD. Just dead. Thank you so much for all your free videos. They have literally changed me mentally and physically. You are the best <3

  2. Just an FYI: Seated presses dont engage more of your core,its quite the opposite.
    But when your standing you need to use your core to stabilize your entire body to initiate the movement properly.

  3. Does this workout help lose weight? Im trying so hard to lose weight and I workout about 1/12 hours a day for 1 month and I feel and look the same. Like I'm gaining weight instead of losing it. I really like your dumbbell workouts and I was just wondering if this workout will help

  4. "all of that nonsense" – LMAO! great video, girl, I love DB only workout, especially when the gym is overloaded and to use a machine, I'd have to stay in line forever. thank you <3

  5. seriouuuusly am in love with your channel. im trying really hard to maintain working out while at schol and i cant afford gym and these kiiiiil me. i have 2kg dumbbells and 4kg dumbbells, i might have to invest in some 6kg ones soon but this was really great! the first set killlled me. i adoooore your workouts whitney <3

  6. You are THE BEST VLOGGER. YOU GET STRAIGHT TO THE WORKOUTS! I am going to do this. One request someone else mentioned too. Could you do an arm dumbbell workout in real time to follow along with at some point?! Love your videos!

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