1. How many times a week would you recommend doing this?? I’m trying to look as good as you, this stay at home mommy is tired of being out of shape 😩 no more excuses thanks girl!!

  2. Ha , Manda has no time or room for excuses. 😭  And just when I thought about listing a few of them too , dang , plan ruined.  😂 😂  …  Great workout here. 👍😊   So I see your dumbbells range from  5 lbs.  to what as the heaviest ??

  3. I got 4 kids and just had a baby so this is for me thanks beautiful mama😍👍🏼you look incredible after having a baby 😭😭 my son has the same white car too and my name is Amanda too😭😂😂love you😘

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