1. I look like some kinda freak doing this haha. But I’m loving it. Maybe it’ll get it some day?? I got the booty, running man, rocking shoulders, pointing thing, the turning pivot thing but the other moves I’m pathetic lol.

    Humpty looks like he’s bout to get sick or something and the criss cross feet looks like I got a spasm. But I ain’t no quitter so I’ll keep doing it.

    It was so fun!

  2. Keaira, I love your workouts so much! They help me learn dance moves and workout at the same time, and your instruction is fun and easy to follow. However, in some of your older videos the song is very hard to hear. It would be more energizing if I could really groove to the music too. Would you consider layering the song over the existing video to make it louder? Just a suggestion! Keep it up, you are a badass.

  3. Damn I love her. I have 2 left feet, but following her I had just one. I wish I would take a dance class under her teaching. She is so fun and easy to work with.

  4. This was awesome, she has a great personality which makes the video that much more enjoyable. The workout is short but tough and I really broke a sweat. So GLAD I FOUND THIS!!

  5. I am native american, we are not known for our dance skills. 😂 I love how fun and positive you and your friends are! But most of all I love how well you demonstrate the moves! New sub!!! 😎

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