1. I have asthma, have been through physical therapy for back issues, and two small parrots. Between some wheezing and cramping (even though I took breaks) and the birds shouting at me I only made it half way today. But I love your encouragement style. Sometimes the instructor makes it feel like boot camp and discourages me worse, and the very peppy "See?! Its not so hard" types come off as dismissive and out of touch of people who are really starting from 0. I might not have finished today but I expect I'll be able to within a week. Any workout that doesn't require equipment is helpful, and this was actually pretty fun so I'm definitely be back tomorrow. Thanks!

  2. My second day. The first I was feeling energetic and used 3 lb. weights. Mistake. I only made it through about 2/3. Tonight I skipped the weights (for now) and made it through. I loved the pace, the little timer at the bottom, your energy, and the full body involvement. I also agree with others here. It's a nice change to see real people, and your interaction with them had me smiling more than once. Thanks for an enjoyable workout. Well, as enjoyable as one can be!

  3. Totally just rocked this workout! I was going to quit half way through, but said to myself "might as well finish, you're already half done." Really glad I did, I feel energized now! Looking forward to doing it again!

  4. I love this workout! I’ve lost 110lbs this past year and I’m a regular walker but I’m looking to up my game and I need a starting point for an aerobic workout. This a perfect starting point. It also helps that it’s nice to watch. Clear picture, cool studio, awesome team! I’ll keep working out with you all. ????

  5. It was an AWESOME workout…… You and your wife are so positive that it inspires to workout every day. Thank you and you both are truly inspirational saviors!!!!!

  6. I have been doing this video for 6 weeks now, and today is the first time I didn't have to give up, pause, or improvise. I DID THE WHOLE VIDEO WITHOUT STOPPING, or improvising….. YEAHHHHHHH MEEEEE

  7. I just committed to exercising today after being obese for thirteen years. I want to get my cardiovascular health in order. I spent a long time trying to find a video that was low impact and not super intense. Found this, and I am so impressed. The psychological aspect of working out is the worst one for me. I always feel so uncoordinated, so self-conscious even at home. Just embarrassed. This trainer's approach is spectacular. I felt self-conscious and embarrassed at first but now I finished the whole workout and I feel positive. I'll be using this and his other videos that I can find regularly.

  8. I love these videos! The trainer is upbeat without being cheesy and I love that the body types aren't fitness models. I'm 35 years old, 5'8 and 228 lbs. I just started really trying to lose weight by eating right and exercising and these videos are perfect! Thank you!

  9. As a “used to be” avid exerciser, this kicked my ass today. Haven’t worked out in about a year. My stamina is completely gone, but I enjoyed this, and will continue to do these videos and I’m sure I’ll begin to feel better soon! This instructor is phenomenal!

  10. YOU ARE GREAT MAN!!! Love your encouraging speech during the the exercises. Makes me think differently in everything I do because I am a terrible perfectionist. 😉 I try to not be and keep going without thinking of the end. THANK YOU!

  11. Thank you so much for making these videos! ???? My name is Jessica and signed up on your site. I'm looking to lose baby weight and tone up. Im 5 feet tall and thinking my goal weight is around 115-120. Do you know if there is a good way to find out what weight you should be?

  12. Did this video for the first time and I ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️ it! I love his motivational words!! Back at again tomorrow! Thanku

  13. Great workout, did it this morning. I feel so pumped and excited to begin my weight loss journey. I really appreciate a true beginner’s workout but still getting great results. Way to go,

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