1. This is so frustrating because she's so strong and doing heavy weights and I do these at home, the heaviest I have is 3kg. But I'm only 13, I know I will be developing but mine are taking so long so I'll just give em a lil boost.

  2. I’m trying to get big boobs & lifted. I don’t want to get huge arms or anything like that so do I just keep using like … 10 lb weights or would I have to go up so my boobs could be lifted and bigger?

  3. Sorry, might be a weird question, but is the weight in kg or pounds? I am lifting 10 kgs darbell and I am really strong for a women. Is she lifting 40 kgs?

  4. I love your videos you have inspired me to hit the gym! I’ve been following for a bout a year and I love your content!! Did you ever use a personal trainer or has it always been just you! How do you know how to work out your body so well?!

  5. Hey whitney i am 48 kgs my boob size is 32E and i am 5 feet . I really want to loose weight from my breast is there any way i can do that ? Can you can video on that?

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