1. Anyone complaining that this doesn't get you jacked wasn't listening to the beginning of the video or any of David Harbor's interviews. He wanted to get ripped for the movie but they fitted him for the suit first when he was chubby and told him not to drastically change his physique or the multi thousand dollar costume wouldn't fit. So all of his training focused on functional strength building, non esthetic workouts.

  2. Two points:
    1: you never show David’s actual physique, because he didn’t actually get ripped.
    2: the chest and abs on Hellboy is all prosthetic in the movie – not his real body at all.
    Just be honest guys, promoting an actor’s ‘transformation’ that never happened just makes you look a bit silly.

  3. This trained always pretends these actors get big from carrying a 30 pound kettlebell and b at crawls. Never tells that they basically just do standard bodybuilding that anyone can do

  4. I enjoy doing functional training as it works multi-angle muscle groups

    but it doesn't give you that body that looks like it's made out of stone

    Stick to the basic lifts squats deadlifts bent over rows pull ups bench press dips then your Olympic lifts like clean and press

    Eat a balanced diet and a correct cardio training program

    then 4 weeks or so throwing in your isolation exercises your functional training core training and then go back to the grind

  5. They should have kept Ron perlman the original actor that play hellboy all so well with that crazy sense of humor while he kills those creatures that goes bump into the night wow Hollywood needs to find a better idea when remaking movies SMH go figure right like pet cemetery really really

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