1. Hey guys! So it's been about 2 weeks since I filmed this video and I've already lost a solid 8 lbs. Plus I'm feeling awesome (and never starving or like I'm denying myself anything). I've been staying consistent with eating mainly zero point meals, and working out every second day on the treadmill (speed walking with arm weight exercises). Woot woot! 😉 Hope you guys enjoy, xo Julia

  2. Hi love! Thanks for stopping by my channel! I’m definitely a new subbie! I literally loved every second of this vlog! Your meals looked so nutritious and delicious! Look at me rhyming lol.. I love that you have a treadmill in your office! I restarted my fitness journey 2 days ago and this just gave me inspiration to keep going! Great job love! TFS!🥗🥥🌽🌶🥒🥑🍅💪🏽

  3. I could walk in Dollarama with no intentions on buying a thing and some how always come out with a few things. I am pretty good eith saving but my husband says ita my weakness haha

  4. It's been super gloomy here too… especially whenever I'm off work and I want to go outdoors 😑
    I just started dieting yesterday…hoping to lose it slow and steady and keep it off! Good luck to you 💙

  5. So exciting girl!!! Happy for you!! I need to lose at total of 70lbs its dire because my health so i get you…lol its a process and you have me for support!😁 you can do it!!!…lol

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