1. bruh i used to say i wish i was as skinny as her or you and now i’m 107 5,5. 🥺 i wanna be thick and not get called a stick, my legs look like chopsticks bro.

  2. I try to eat more but it don’t help but I am kind gang weight a little but I wanna gang more I use to eat a lot but I stop food bothers me a lot I try to Gang more but it just don’t work I look up hoe to gang wait noting is helping me at all but I do see some changes and stuff but still

  3. I’ve been on a weight gain journey this year here are some tips I learned 😁😁 and worked for me!
    • drink lots of water ( well at first at least ) think of this as a way to stretch your stomach and increase appetite
    • if you don’t get that hungry eat each meal 4-5 hours apart this practically forces you to eat ( NO SNACKS IN BETWEEN )
    • do not drink a lot of water juice soda etc BEFORE you eat this can make you less hungry and less motivated to finish the plate
    • ik this is obvious but eat REAL meals DO NOT complete your calorie intake with snack and junk food you will gain faster
    • once you get the hang of things 2,300 calories a day AINT GONNA CUT IT you will gain one pound a week eat 2,700 to gain faster Ik that sounds crazy take a from me a bitch who barely used to eat BUT DO NOT START OFF eating 2,700 you have to working your way up you will kill your self !😂😂
    Hope this was helpful🤷‍♀️

  4. Honestly I’m only confident in my face but my body is disgusting I hate it so much I’m 4’8 and I’m like 68 pounds not even lying bro like ppl always criticize me for my appearance and my chest size! Like these comments abt me are getting old and mostly my family/family friends are criticizing me as well and that’s what hurts most I tried eating but my appetite is small. And I’m still young to have money to buy my own food. And if anyone was about to comment “your still little you’ll gain weight over time” no I won’t my dad has fast metabolism and he’s bad skinny and he eats ALOT I’m saying more than an average person… so I guess it’s just genetics which is sad cause I really wanna gain weight 🙁

  5. If u want to gain weight just go to your doctor. Ask for Periactin/ cyproheptadine. I was 109 now I'm 142. This pill makes u hungry all day. Please take it at night time cause it will make u sleepy and hungry. Never drive or go anywhere while on this pill. My doctor said i cant have nomore cause I'm healthy now. U will notice your stomach being big don't worry ,because it will drop to your thighs and legs & booty just take one pill every other day.

  6. If you are born a female be happy who you are. If you are born a male be happy because that's what you are born with. You can't change that no matter what you do. God almighty creation.

  7. Most women gain weight or gain curves as they age. I'm moving in the opposites direction. I'm 40 now and at 5' 2" skinnier than I have ever been at 109. I have actually weighed less but had more curves somehow in the past. My ass is completely gone and I had to eat like a shrew for A week to gain those last 3 bringing me up from 106. The older I get the more I look like a 12 year old boy. 🤦

  8. I think I’m the only one here who is 5’ 7” and weighs literally 98 lbs and after I eat I weigh 102. Like I’m 16 yrs old I shouldn’t weigh like 98 lbs but I do everyone is like “oh it’s okay I weigh 120 or 140 or I weigh 115” wish I weighed that much

  9. I find the protein Powders Disgusting 😩 how does yours taste? I Have gained 5 pounds this week from apetimen and my boobs have gotten larger from my maca root capsules. I started off at 110 my Goal weight is 130

  10. I just found this video and I honestly just want to say thank you Bc I’m 15 and I weigh 104 I love myself but I’m tired of ppl always saying I’m skinny or I don’t got this or that. I’ve tried some things but it didn’t work but hopefully this does thank you sm!😊💛

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