1. I learned to racewalk several years back. To me, he is swinging his arms too high. It looks exaggerated and inefficient. I have watched the pro race walkers and never saw this kind of wild arm motion. Proficient racewalking is fluid and beautiful to watch when done properly. Watch some of the pro race walkers and you will see the difference.

  2. For those making fun of this method, know that racewalking (which this is) is an Olympic sport. The world record for racewalking 31 miles (50 kilometers) was done at a pace of less than 7 minutes per mile. How many people can run a 7-minute mile for even one mile, let alone WALK 31 miles at that pace? Maybe you don't want to do this yourself, but at least appreciate the athleticism of those who do.

  3. Much of what you see on this video makes good sense. It is a good idea to work on your cadence more than on your step length. Trying to push your foot too far forward is tiring and inefficient. The best thing you can do for your stride length is to push off with your toes, that will increase your stride length with anything from barely an inch to two inches. I also think that you can make do without flailing quite that much with your arms. I am an old man of 74 years, but I can comfortably walk 13-minute miles using a walking technique that essentially is equal to this one, just a little less flamboyant.

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