1. I squatted 3x weekly for YEARS with powerlifting. Never any knee or back problems. Ionically what made me stop was a shoulder impingement.

    For two years I did all sorts of other squat variations. Then recently did back squats again and everything else felt like a joke. The back squat is still superior because of all the balance/stability involved with the core. Just do your fuckin back squats!

  2. why reinvent the wheel, all this fancy equipment is unnecessary. just stick with the basics and do progressive overload on freeweight compound movements.

  3. This kind of workout is monumentally stupid. It's not sustainable, it's too complicated, you can't do it without specialized gear, you can't motivate yourself to do it without a coach there. Sorry GP but you are just trying to be unique. There is no way in hell this guy is doing these moves 5, 10 years down the line.

  4. Stop complaining about not having the machines you can do the same movements in different ways. Put some plates on a belt for the belt squat, use cables for the athletic push (most half decent gyms have one cable unit), use your brain

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