1. Martial Arts Workout | Full Body Workout

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  2. Hey Jake, I go to the nearest park from me and do this workout everyday but I always feel like it isn't enough for my body and always end up doing the workout again on the evenings… is it ok to do this workout two times a day or is that a bit too much? I mean for me its ok but I always end up getting really sore the next day.

  3. Hi Sifu Jake , i got to know about you when you left the USA for Portugal. My parents are Portuguese thay left Portugal many years ago and moved to South Africa. I developed an interest in Martial Arts through Bruce Lee movies, the only Martial Arts available is Japanese but through your videos i am able to learn Chinese Martial Arts. I live in Johannesburg SA a very dangerous city so thank you for the great self defence videos!

  4. Good job Mr. Mace. I always liked your work. I'd say you are a true example of how a Martial artist should be. A good positive attitude towards life. And knows how to hold his head high. Thanks. For being a positive influence. I myself started developing small anger issues from the wear and tear of life. And slowly started having sensitivity issues with people. It can effect your job life. And friend ships. It's so important to stay positive. Watching you sometimes. Is a great help. Lol.

  5. This guy is so hot! I want a boyfriend like him. Thank you Jake I do this workout every morning now before my long runs, I feel so powerful and happy afterwords.

  6. Dude m following u since ur 2015 martial are workout video. Man… I was so motivated bt since 2018 when i joined my college i literally stopped doing my regular practice cuz of too muvh workload if studies n now i can't catch up.
    Man… I wanna restart it again bt it's lot of harder. My will power gave up whenever thought about doing it again.
    Geez… Anyways m back n m gonna catch up again no matter what.
    So, wish me luck
    N ofc thanks for 2k19 workout video.

  7. Thank you Jack mace for your kind and positive words I hope you the best and I hope that no matter what happen you will keep helping people with workouts and positive words

  8. I loved it. My goal is to learn japanese and to get to japane to study. It's the same weather conditions here but i decided to work out inside nevertheless I guess I'm wetter than you because of the sweat.

  9. HI Jake, I’ve just watched my first full video of yours – the full body workout. Great workout. I studied Shoalin-Kemp’s-Karate in High School and college. Never forgot the teachings and spirit. I have watched a number of exercise routines and martial arts based routines, but you bring it all together in the way it was meant to, for great physical, mental and spiritual training. Thank you, I’m now a subscriber.

  10. Done this workout this morning, & to be honest I loved it. But one thing I wanna ask you – why did'nt you put any abdominal exercises here as you have mentioned this is a full body workout! Anyway keep the good work going man… Love & greetings from India.

  11. Decided to do morning martial arts, this year. Great way to start the day! Did this today… greatly appreciate it. A lot has happened in your life… I know what you are going through. Don't forget: the empire you built is gone… but you have YOU… your own inner empire… a strong foundation that no one can take away from you. Will be 'joining' as soon as my resolutions start to meld. Here's to an amazing year of adventures and new and better things! See you tomorrow! lol 👍💪👍

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