1. 1:42 That ain't another exercise,but the a variation of the COMPLETE exercise before.
    I never saw it done on just 1 side,but al 2 sides 1 after another,no bouncing of the ball and only on the 2 sides,no middle , so you complete both at once.

    So in the end,ther eare only 3 exercises :
    – Rocking one,the variation of it with catching (don't see the use of catching,doesn't do anything to the abs)
    – Swinging to the sides
    – That plyier at the end

  2. Neve seen so toned dude in my life.You can all all the different group.What do you eat to mentain ? Grass and spinach :))) ?
    Dude,why yell at a crowd,loose the voice and sweat,why not get a job as a LIVING TEACHING AID.
    Teachers can get you to bent,twist and turn and teach then ask kids all of the different muscle groups 🙂 …

  3. I am 17 year old and want to increase my height and also want to strengthen my core so if I do all these exercise with med Ball ,,,,is these exercises can stop my height,,,,,,plzzz reply fast

  4. While I'm doing these to absolute failure I hate you but by the following day I think you're a legend for the strength gains and for the results these moves have given so far, especially seen in my obliques. Thank you xx

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