1. Hi ..
    My name is Abdullah. I thank you very much. I have been following you for 5 years now from Palestine.
    I met this sport for you and practiced it. My life changed and I became wonderful
    I love you, respect and respect
    Thank you and I love you
    I hope to meet you to express my great gratitude to you

  2. Hey can you guys please do a low impact/beginner friendly 5-day challenge?

    I know you guys have a 4week program for beginners and I do have that, but in the past I’ve always found it easier to tackle 5-day challenges rather than the whole programs, because with those it’s easier to stay motivated and stick with them.

  3. I love your videos. Started watching FB since 2016 in the Philippines, and now I moved to Australia and I do the work outs with my partner, too. We both love it! Thank you so much!

  4. I am vegetarian girl,22 year old and I weigh 80 kilograms,as I cannot got to the gym and can't buy any equipment right now other than dumbbells and can't eat non-vegetarian meal,I need a workout plan that suits my body which includes a vegetarian diet plan…Please suggest me an appropriate plan to take over for a month..Please please please I really need to lose weight.

  5. Lost 11 kg from a very healthy weight healthy measurements beginning of my pregnancy not to mention got a muscle tear in my abdomen from doing nothing 😂 now I feel so weak but exercising even level 2 gives me cramps and lots of contractions (it’s too early). Now I don’t know how to regain my fitness and muscle mass after having my baby. 😭😭 I want to buy this workout program but I’m worried about diastis recti and just a whole load of stuff. It’s sad because I used to be so strong and I’d always tire last in a group outing.

  6. I already did FBBlend trial once…currently doing FBSweat and have FBBurn added to my calendar next… I am happy that now FBBlend adds on…I love these program styles(it best fits my style & body)….mix of lower body strength, upper body strength, hiit, stretch…& different video every single day….that extra credit challenge everyday is the highlight….(by the way blooper is super cute 🙂 )

  7. Wonderful!! I've been years following your channel, enjoying your free videos and, also purchasing your specific programs. I'm going to buy this one right away. I love your work, authenticity, and humbleness, you are a real inspiration!

  8. Love how Kelli's just like "… cya" at the end lol.

    Currently on my last week of FBSweat with the intention to restart it right after. Thank you guys so much!

  9. When I was 11, my mom found your channel and we worked out together sometimes (I remember doing the HIIT like a girl and dyingg lol!!) And now I do these every morning in the summer and after school during the school year. Y'all are the only fitness channel I use, trust, and love. I also watch the ads all the way through for y'all!😉I'm so thankful for Daniel and Kelli❤️❤️

  10. Till date I have bought 4 of your workout programs and I must say they're fucking awesome! You guys really put out the best content for the least possible price. Thank you for helping me on my fat loss journey. By the way, love the bloopers😂❤️ You both are really cute together ❤️

  11. I’ve purchased 5 of your programs in the last 2 years and I still NEVER get bored of any of them! 👍👍👍
    I’m a Certified Holistic Nutritionist and ex-Personal Trainer … and I LOVE your workouts, Kelly & Daniel!!❤️
    So glad that Kelly’s health seems to be better now! 😀😊
    I will be purchasing this new program ASAP and recommending it to a lot of my clients.
    Much love and respect from Canada! ✌🏻❤️🇨🇦😊

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