1. All that poisonous plants how can anyone eat that 💩 plants are cellulose which is sugar itself. and drinking water poisonous to us as well really vegans you eat and drink poison every day. You consume around 700+ grams a day of sugar alone. How can that be healthy for anyone. And water destroys rock. Do a simple water test drink a sip,cup or the world's fresh water supply and you will still be dry.

  2. Great vid Stef . It’s been a while since I last watched you , but after Steph (Nutty) , tried vegan , she recommended checking you out . Glad I did . Love to see the M&S range . But guess I should get myself there and look . Thanks for sharing this lovely vid . Norm.xxx

  3. I just found you and you gave me soooooo much confidence 🙂 I'm very lean also nice bum but small chest ,but when I saw your videos I was amazed at your confidence ,energy and you are a super amazing natural person 🙂 Keep always your good vibes 🙂

  4. Omg girl I legit love you and your channel! I totally want to start building up muscle and eat more! My 2019 goals! I’m petite and have just cut my cals down so low and you have encouraged me! If you did it I can too 😘

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