1. Thanks for sharing the information on Dr. Fuhrman’s goal weight guidelines. By the French standard (or whatever it’s called), I should be 115 (which still feels and looks a little heavy for me). So it’s nice to have it validated that that indeed may be too high a weight for me. Trying to remember now if I have an unread book of Dr. Fuhrman’s on my shelf that I should get down and start reading….

  2. You are really brave to post this !!! This video is most helpful !!! I have been plant based since September 2018 but some days I am raw and others I cook !!! I am not losing as much as I think I should be !!! Maybe I should go raw also !!! You inspire me !!!

  3. Excited for you! I keep “trying “ to start on Dr Fuhrman but keep derailing. Hopefully tomorrow! Thank you for the encouragement!

  4. Can it be just bloating in the tummy area ? You r pretty slim all over so it could be . I too suffer with bloating after I eat veggies or salads . I was told I have low stomach acid and should incorporate AC Vinegar as this helps increase it .
    Anyways Good Luck with yr Raw Vegan way of eating which I find soooo difficult to follow during the Winter months 😅😅😅 . I am sure you will achieve yr goal . Rdgs 😋

  5. I definitely want to see reports on your raw vegan weight loss journey! I just went high raw vegan a couple days ago to lose some accumulated fat that I got from being ill & sedentary in 2017 and 2018. I hate eating salads (I hate how long it takes to eat them) so I am doing raw soups in the Vitamix blender for lunch, a raw breakfast & cooked vegan whole food dinner so far. On the Dr. Fuhrman weight chart I need to lose about 20 pounds, I'm hoping for at least 10 to 15 pounds. I don't have a timeline, but hoping to be there by Spring sometime. I've been eating a whole food plant based non-vegan diet this past year. Was vegan for ten years some years ago. I've had some of this excess weight for a few years now, and the only way I have ever measurably lost any of it was by adding in a lot more raw foods. Here's to your health & a successful journey!

  6. Holy cow!! I’m 5’10” and people tell me I look too skinny at 155. My daughter is also 5’10” and weighs 140 and is extremely thin. I think for how tall you are, 147 is way too thin. Good luck tho. Will be following your journey. I’m vegan. Never done raw but want to.

  7. Hi shannon, i love your weight loss yourney videos, thank you for sharing. The music is too loud, sometimes i don't understand what you're saying. Good luck and looking forward to more videos!

  8. You are so brave. Thank you. Adding a small ab workout (planks, bicycles, sit ups, etc.) for just 15 minutes three times a week might make a big difference. My stomach over the past year has changed significantly because of my ab workouts. Best of luck.

  9. hands down i felt best on a raw vegan diet and looked best.. ive been vegan over 4 years. but i slowly incorporated cooked foods again n i gained weight. i need to go back to raw. u look great. i had a baby and hes vegan as well so its hard bc i eat all the food i make him lol

  10. Yes would absolutely love to see more videos like this to follow your raw vegan Journey would also enjoy to follow your diet as well in the types of foods that you're eating raw vegan very fascinating and is something that I too would like to do more

  11. Wow! The Fuhrman formula results in a verrry low weight goal!! I’m 5’6” and I should weigh 119? What?! When I’ve been the most fit of my life I was 145. That seems crazy!

  12. Great video, will be so fun to follow this journey! I have 15-20 to go and have been incorporating TONS more veggies too. Not raw completely though but I'd guess about 70%.

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